912 – The High Street

The header picture is todays Gosporrt High Street, taken from just north of North Cross Street looking toward the ferry. There have been many times when I’ve walked down the street wondering what it would have been like in previous years.

Gosport was a new town in the 1600’s There wouldn’t have been much outside the defensive perimenter, and life inside the boundary was probably quite unpleasant.

As time goes by, society improves, in that, generally life becomes more pleasant, especially for the wealthy, and so Gosport expands to encompass the areas of Alverstoke and Rowner, although these weren’t necessarily smooth events.

And so Gosports streets become increasingly more akin to what we know today. Some things have been lost, and others gained. Buildings re-purposed from theatres to banks. Bars and pubs become nightclubs.

The reduction / removal of the Navy had a significant negative impact on the town only to be expected. People adapt though. Whilst not having the same vibrancy today as it did twenty and more years ago.

As I walked down the high street this morning, I was wondering what it would have been like to walk down the high street !00 or 150 years ago. Things are different today. As I walked toward the ferry terminal, I counted the closed shops – eight of them, I didn’t count how many were open.

No high street should have this level of closures. But what can be done about it? When I have a work problem, I always try to come up with a solution.

This time – I have no idea.

Published by Bill

I just want to write, but I prefer to stay away from controversial topics like politics. I am happy to confess that at the moment, I am writing for me. If you enjoy my writings, and I hope you do then that is all the better.

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