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The picture, clearly has nothing to do with Astronomy, obviously. Thirty years ago, when i was much younger, I was living near a golf course that I had access to. It wouldn’t have been unusual to find me on one of the greens at two o’clock in the morning, watching the stars.

If it was cold, I’d wrap up. But, the thing was I would go out and observe. I don’t do that today, 30 years later, I haven’t been out at 2AM for a very long time. When you consider that I worked night shifts for ten years, to do so now would, I think, be a bit of a culture shock.

The point of this is that I almost feel a bit hypocritical. I’ve been going on about learning the constellations as a project for the blog. Apart from looking up when I go out in the dark, I have done absolutely nothing about it. I haven’t been out to gaze at the stars. Two main reasons; I haven’t bothered and it’s too cold.

That hasn’t stopped me reading about Astronomy, or watching programmes about it, especially on YouTube. Especially the astrophysicist Dr. Becky Smethurst. I at least try to stay informed. Not really good enough. Must try to do better.

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I just want to write, but I prefer to stay away from controversial topics like politics. I am happy to confess that at the moment, I am writing for me. If you enjoy my writings, and I hope you do then that is all the better.

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