368 The Expanse, books shops & Foxes

This is Covid – the vixen, she has a cub. Every day at about 8PM the staff at the Covid Testing Station feed her. They named her Covid.

I went for a walk this afternoon. There was no specific destination, it was just a thing to get out and cover some distance, so it was a bit of a circular route.

The only shop I went in to was Morrison’s. The closest thing we have to bookshops in town are The Works and The British Heart Foundation has a pretty good book session. The works is OK, and does have some interesting books, but I much prefer a browse in the likes of Waterstones.

Every going in to Waterstones becomes an act of frustration. Because I don’t know what to look for. I had pretty much given up on Science Fiction, not the genre, I still love reading it, but I have a tendency to stick to the authors I like, and can re-read books quite easily. It also helps if they are available as an audio book.

I’ve always said that I would rather read the book then watch the film or TV series. That didn’t happen with Star Trek, because when that came out there was only the TV series, I think. Quite recently, I was introduced to the Expanse. I Watched it and immediately became hooked. I am now listening to the books on Audible, which is good, because the stopped filming before James A Corey’s books ran out. So, I’ll get to the end. But the thing is this time, having watched the TV show, I know what the characters look like what the technology looks like. I watch a channel on You Tube run by Dr. Becky Smethurst, she’s an Astrophysicist, and produces an excellent show. She reviews TV programmes, and has done a review for the Expanse; Obviously, it has it’s imperfections, but it is described as one of the most scientifically accurate show she’s seen. It’s well worth a watch. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O25-_eEdxaw&t=9s

Published by Bill

I just want to write, but I prefer to stay away from controversial topics like politics. I am happy to confess that at the moment, I am writing for me. If you enjoy my writings, and I hope you do then that is all the better.

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